Thursday, August 22, 2013

Luxor and Karnak monitoring by the press in Egypt shows military not protecting important sites it claims to be protecting

Official statements notwithstanding, it appears from this stunning footage that neither Luxor nor Karnak are receiving protection. Which raises the question: if the Egyptian armed forces are not doing this even after the museum in Malawi was looted, and even after they claim to be doing so in response to threats, what else can be done?

Here are a few action items:

a) more monitoring like this by the press and by citizens to expose failures to protect
b) support from non-governmental organizations and individuals outside of Egypt for efforts by Egyptians to take direct action to guard sites, protect their museums, etc.
c) pressure on the Saudi and American governments by international organizations and citizens to tie any future aid to increased site and museum security
d) a global ban on all trafficking in Egyptian antiquities, with the funding needed to enforce it

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