Sunday, April 03, 2011

More Information on How Underarmed Egypt's Site Guards Are

Another report of inadequately armed and inadequate numbers of Egyptian watchmen being driven off of archaeological sites by gangs armed with automatic weapons:

The watchmen complained that the small number of watchmen and their inadequate weapons facilitates made it difficult to protect such archeological sites.
Watchman Ruby Mohamed Abdel Salam said he worked with nine other watchmen to guard the 600 acre site in shifts. He said that he and his fellow watchmen were only armed with 9 mm pistols, which are no match for the automatic weapons used by the armed groups, especially considering the large area of land they are guarding. Abdel Salam also complained that their bullet supplies are running low.
If Zahi Hawass is really back in control of an organization 30,000 strong, backed by the interim government, how can it be that there aren't even enough bullets for the handguns, not to mention better weaponry and more guards?

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