Sunday, November 28, 2010

U.S. Department of State's Cultural Heritage Center Recognized with Heritage Award for International Excellence

A well-deserved honor for a dedicated, hardworking group that is one of the few governmental offices focusing on heritage protection issues. Though I have been critical of the State Department's policies for defining "protection" in such a way as to not have to address the need to protect sites from looting, the Cultural Heritage Center has done a great job within the mandate under which it operates. Congratulations to Director Maria Kouroupas and her staff!

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Wayne G. Sayles said...

Odd, you have criticized DOS for their definition of "protection" and so have I. Does that mean we are on the same page? Sorry, the sarcasm is an inescapable product of my liberal background. I will give you and MK this much, she is a remarkable person and exceedingly good at what she does.