Monday, November 30, 2009

Google Documents Iraqi Museum Treasures-- How about Documenting Site Looting Next?

Sci-Tech Today | Google Documents Iraqi Museum Treasures

Google chief Eric Schmidt is quoted saying, "I can think of no better use of our time and our resources than to make the images and ideas from your civilization, from the very beginnings of time, available to billions of people worldwide."

Here's another use of Google's time and resources that might be better: gather time-series satellite images of archaeological sites in Iraq (and other looting-prone countries) from GoogleEarth, and use your programmers' expertise together with archaeologists to develop automated methods for counting holes. That would enable countries to finally be able to track what has happened, and what is happening right now, on their sites.


Lugal said...

This is a great idea. I would think that it could be integrated into, or at least take advantage of, Google Earth with minimal effort.

So how do you think that this should be brought to the attention of the appropriate party at Google?

Unknown said...

I have just finished reading the Medici Conspiracy - wow. I agree with your blog that documenting site looting is the next step - and approaching Google would be a good place to start.

Here's their executive line-up -

It fits nicely into their strategy I believe - and they're doing something positive for the world.